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Textworks.net are dedicated to getting your SMS marketing campaign or interactive service working. We offer custom development and highly developed off-the-shelf solutions.

Textworks have joined forces with HeadRED.net, who provide design solutions for web projects of any size.

Our text messaging solutions enable rapid deployment and easy integration with existing systems and applications.

Depending on the solution, we can enable you to click one button and send a message hundreds of thousands of clients and that’s just the beginning.

Our messaging Networks are state of the art platforms enabling fully redundant messaging interfaces for you and your clients, our technicians are at the cutting edge of mobile technology and can develop applications for a number of interactive mobile mediums.

Our messages deliveries are backed by a service level agreement and are sent via UK GSM Networks.

Whether you need SMS for communication, marketing, revenue generating or reverse billing your in safe hands with TextWorks.

Unlike advertising and email marketing, almost all of your clients will read the message straight away, every client that reads the message will already have a phone in their hand!

Outsourced Business Administration Systems

As many new small and medium enterprises seek ways to further expand their business the task of answering telephones is becoming more and more overlooked. One of the most important aspects to sucessfully run any business is to answer your telephone calls as and when they come in. Building long standing relationships with your potential and existing customers is imperative to the success of your business. In order to allow for your focus to be on the growth of your business and not solely on answering the phones many companies are now offering virtual telephone answering services to aid small to medium enterprises with their inbound telephone calls. Forwarding your business's calls to an external company is no hard task and once dealt with by the external company can be directed through to your company landline or mobile phone for you to escalate accordingly.

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