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HTTP Gateway

The most common method for connecting directly to the TEXTWORKS Message Platform is via HTTP. This feature of the TEXTWORKS service allows developers to enable their applications with SMS functionality from within most programming environments.

Sending via HTTP from within your application is as simple as generating a HTTP request that contains the relevant variables and sending them to the TEXTWORKS gateway, this can be in the form of a HTTP POST or GET.

For example, you could use a standard HTTP GET request to send messages out via our gateway, incorporating your own scripting to send out messages that will debit credits from your TEXTWORKS account.

The TEXTWORKS HTTP gateway has been implemented into many different business solutions including server monitoring & alert systems, contact management databases and many other advanced applications

The parameters you need to include in your HTTP request for sending via a FASTSMS account are:

UID = your web sender login id
PW = your web sender password
DA = the destination for the message
MB = the message body URL encoded.
SA = the sender's address.

We can forward inbound messages sent to your reply number on to a url for complete two way messaging via HTTP. The variables we forward are:

dest - your number
source - the sender's number
msg - the body of the message

Click Here to download the HTTP Request .PDF

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