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Outlook SMS Plugin

Our Outlook SMS Plugin is the ideal desktop application for businesses that wish to take advantage of the cost effectiveness and increased efficiency afforded by SMS.

Taledo is the first desktop SMS application that enables text messages to be sent and received from within Microsoft® Outlook® or Microsoft® Internet Explorer® to any number of mobile phones, on any mobile network, via an Internet connection. Each Taledo Reseller and user also has access to the web-based Taledo Management Platform (TMP) that, amongst other features, enables him or her to administer his or her account and track message usage.

Taledo’s operating requirements are;

Microsoft® Operating Systems - Windows® 98, Windows NT® Version 4 (service pack 6A), Windows® 2000, Windows® ME and Windows® XP

Email Clients
• As a plug-in - Microsoft® Outlook® 97, Microsoft® Outlook® 98, Microsoft® Outlook® 2000 and Microsoft® Outlook® XP

• Address book connectivity - Microsoft® Outlook® 97 upwards, Microsoft® Outlook Express® 4.0+, Microsoft® Exchange® (contact public folder only) and Lotus® Notes®.

Browser Compatibility
- Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 4.0+

Outlook SMS Screenshot
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Outlook SMS Screenshot
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Taledo is a feature-rich application and these include;

Reply number – each license comes with its own reply number that allows text messages to be received into the application.

Forward-to-my-mobile – register your mobile with the Taledo Management Platform (TMP) and re-direct message replies to your mobile.

CSV import – export data from any database and import it into the Taledo address book.

Group Send – send messages to groups of numbers with just one click.

LAN-independent – No network or server required. Install Taledo on any number of machines – multiple licenses are available.

Does NOT use email to transport text messages – All messages sent direct to our billing and delivery platform.

Firewall & Proxy Server compatible – Simply enter the firewall parameters within the Application options.

Status report functionality – showing delivery and failure of messages, along with the relevant time and date stamp.

Flash SMS functionality – Send messages direct to a phone screen and bypass the phone’s message inbox.

Multi-message functionality – send messages of over 160 characters including status reports for each part.

Ideal for SFA regulated companies – Taledo is supplied with data mining functionality and full 128-bit encrypted SSL connectivity, via the Taledo Management Platform – enabling the data warehousing of all traffic passed via Taledo.

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