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Textworks offer a range of SMS Reverse Bill SMS opportunities for businesses. Textworks have a range of applications that allow you to generate new revenues from the delivery of SMS text messages.

The applications are designed for businesses who create interactive entertainment or information based services and who have customers who would welcome this content delivered to their mobile phone by SMS text message.

Reverse Billing enables many new business opportunities. News flashes, alerts, competitions, quizzes and special information are just a few of the applications where Reverse Billing SMS can be used.

Textworks offer reverse billing solutions coverang all 5 UK networks. Costs start from as little as
£150.00 per month for a reverse-billed shared short code number.

• SMS billed directly to your customer's 'phone account

• You choose the cost of the SMS

• You receive monthly outpayments

• Used as micropayment charge to consumers.

Reverse Billing Case Study : SMS AGENCY

By dialling a dedicated number on a slip board fixed below your normal For Sale boards, prospective clients and house hunters can receive outline text information about the property immediately.

Details such as price, number of bedrooms and general facilities will be with them within seconds.They also receive the enquireres details and contact numbers in the text message making it easier for them to contact you if they wish to arrange a viewing.

SMS Technology
for Estate Agents.


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SMS Technology
for Estate Agents.

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