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SMS Broadcast - The Key to Mass Communication

Do you need to send SMS messages in huge quantities to your customers and thus make full use of this new exciting medium? Textworks can provide your company with the means to send many 1000's of messages to your customers / staff etc, in a very cost effective manner using our data centers at IX Europe and Telehouse London. Our trained technicians will monitor your applications 24 x 7 x 365 with sophisticated monitoring and diagnostic tools thus spotting difficulties before they affect your services. You can trust TextWorks to run this important part of your communication strategy on your behalf, and save you money at the same time.

Mobile Phones are Everywhere - So Take Advantage and Send SMS Messages From Your PC (Email2SMS - Send SMS ).

Mobile phones are everywhere today, so why not take advantage of this huge ready made community for your business with an Email 2 SMS (Send SMS) solution. TextWorks use Taledo, the first desktop SMS system that enables SMS text messages to be sent and received using Microsoft® Outlook® (or Microsoft® Internet Explorer®). What's more the number of peoples mobile phones you can send to is unlimited. As a Textworks Taledo user you'll be able to administer your account, track message useage etc all from your own PC.

PC to SMS Software - The Easy Path to Cheaper Faster Communication.

A SMS Gateway Solution does not use a mobile phone to transmit the messages, instead these are created on a PC (TextWorks recommend the use of the Taledo solution) using Outlook to create sms messages and our SMS Gateway to send and manage useage. Use Taledo and there is no need to use the fiddly small keyboard on the mobile phone and with our advanced systems, Textworks even offers the ability to create sms messages from information held in a database, something that can be done automatically in a predetermined manner.

Keeping In Touch With Your Customers Improves Customer Retention, Just One Way Using SMS Broadcast Could Benefit Your Business

Use an SMS Broadcast messaging system to keep in contact with your customers and see how it improves customer retention. Such a SMS Broadcast Solution could really make a huge impact on your business, we all know it costs 8 - 10 times more to win a customer than it costs to keep an existing one. So use sms messaging to keep your customers your customers. TextWorks can provide you with all the help you need to revolutionise your company's customer communication.

SMS GATEWAY - The Way to Give Your Business a Definite Marketing Advantage. 

Use sms text messaging to keep your customers updated with the information they require. This can offer your company with a definite market advantage. Keeping your customers informed with sms messaging in such an easy, modern and affordable way is sure to increase your customer retention levels and reduce communication costs, a real win win situation, a SMS gateway and bulk sms text messaging is the answer.

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