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SMS Services - The Key to Better Communication

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is the latest way for business's to keep in contact with their customers, potential customers, suppliers and staff. The possibly uses of this medium are far reaching and to date the surface has only been scratched. Let TextWorks work with you to develop a solution to your communication problems using our SMS Services. The basic SMS Gateway offered by Textworks brings SMS Messaging within the reach of all business's no matter what their size. All that is required is a computer with access to the Internet and a TextWorks Bulk SMS account and within a few minutes you'll be communicating with your staff, customers, suppliers in the latest, fastest manner possible.

Mobile Phones are Everywhere - So Take Advantage With an SMS Solution.

Mobile phones are everywhere today, so why not take advantage of this ready made "on line" community for your business and use an sms solution to bring your communication strategy in to the 21st Century.

Some companies use SMS messaging as the primary way of communicating with their staff, others use it primarily to keep in contact with their customers. SMS is the key to a cost effective method of inter and intra company communications, let TextWorks help your company improve its efficiency through streamlined communication.

SMS Communication Server - The Way to Give Your Business a Definite Marketing Advantage.

Do you want to send SMS messages in huge quantities? thus making full use of this exciting medium? Textworks can provide your company with the means to send many 1000's of messages to your customers / staff etc, in a very cost effective manner using our data centers at IX Europe and Telehouse London. Our trained technicians will monitor your applications 24 x 7 x 365 with sophisticated monitoring and diagnostic tools thus spotting difficulties before they affect your services. This means one less worry for the busy businessman and allows you to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

SMS GATEWAY SOLUTION - The Easy Path to Cheaper Faster Communication. 

A SMS Gateway Solution does not use a mobile phone to transmit the messages, instead these are created on a PC (you can even use Outlook to create sms messages), so there is no need to use the fiddly small keyboard on the mobile phone. With our advanced systems, Textworks even offers the ability to create sms messages from information held in a database, something that can be done automatically in a predetermined manner. The use of an email to SMS service combines effective communication with a very low administrative overhead. Bulk SMS purchase, combined with an SMS gateway provides an SMS messaging service that is sure to revolutionise your business communication.

Keeping In Touch With Your Customers Improves Customer Retention, Just One Way a Bespoke SMS Solution Could Benefit Your Business

Use SMS Text messaging to keep in contact with your customers and see how it improves customer retention. Such a SMS Solution could really make a huge impact on your business, we all know it costs 8 - 10 times more to win a customer than it costs to keep an existing one. So use sms messaging to keep your customers your customers. TextWorks can help you design and implement that "killer" SMS Solution for your company.

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