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Detailed below are prices for Textworks new GUARANTEED SMS service.

Quantity Of Credits Cost Per Credit Total Cost
100 (trial account) 15p 15 + Vat
500 12p 60 + Vat
1000 11p 110 + Vat
5000 10p 500 + Vat
10000 9p 900 + Vat
50000 7p 3500 + Vat
100000 6p 6000 + Vat
100000+ contact us for current prices
Reply Number 99 + Vat Per Annum

For customers with exceptionally high volume requirements we have a number of ways to negotiate the best possible message routes for the best possible price. Our team are at the forefront of mobile and telecommunications technologies, contact us now for more information.

For more information please contact us

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