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2 Way SMS

With the addition of an MSISDN reply number to your TEXTWORKS SMS account you enable your message recipients to respond to your message.

With every service offered you have the ability to receive reply messages or responces to any of your outgoing messages.

With a
TEXTWORKS MSISDN you can recieve your messages via 3 routes:

Web Based SMS System - Online inbox
View, reply and manage all you recieved messages on the Web Based System.

SMS to Email
Forward all of your inbound SMS messages to an email address upon receipt.

Forward all of your inbound SMS messages to a URL via HTTP.

This service can be used in different ways, here are some examples:

• To register your target audience and contact details

• Engineers status checking a service or machine

• To activate an Internet based service

• Request a brochure

• Gather credit card details

• Allow your audience to register a vote or preference

Our annual UK MSISDN Reply number charge is £99

For more information please contact us
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SMS messages
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