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Web Based SMS System

Textwork's Web Based Sender, allows businesses to capitalise on the cost saving and increased productivity benefits of using SMS. Its features include;

• Web-based product so no complicated installation and it can be used from anywhere

• Multiple users can be set up and message credits assigned, i.e. a company consisting of a variety of departments can have one credit pool and can assign credits to each department accordingly – and monitor usage

• Messages can be sent to pre-defined distribution lists and these messages personalised using mail merge. Ideal for marketing exercises

• The sender can have their name appear in the message header, such as "Company A"

• Application interface allowing you to develop your own interface with a wide variety of protocols for sending messages.

• Allows replies to be sent back into the application by attaching a separately purchased number to each user’s account reduce costs, take advantage of the marketing capability of SMS and add value to your existing services.

Web Based SMS System
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Web Based SMS System
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